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Testimonials of Happy Patients

Eating an Apple For the First Time With New Dentures

Richard Expected His New Bridge to Take a Week – Instead the Whole Procedure Finished That Afternoon

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What to do If You Fear Visiting the Dentist

David received Dental Implants and was up Golfing The Next Day

“The staff was truly amazing. They were professional and courteous and sympathetic with my dental situation. In addition, and most importantly, they were personable and happy people. I appreciated getting to know them and they made a difference in my overall dental progression. It was a pleasure to look forward to seeing them each visit.

Dr. Olson has a special gift for dentistry. I believe he has a unique knowledge of dentistry plus a gift of manual dexterity that is unique. He was always caring and informative. He carefully explained each of my procedures and was kind and gentle while I was in the dental chair.

I have recommended Dr. Olson to several people and I am happy to do so. They are happy I took the time to persuade them of his talents.”

David Payne, UT

“I figured this was an ok way to make my testimonial I am so grateful that I made that first appointment with Dr Olsen I have had severe anxiety about going to the dentist since I was young so all that procrastination has affected my oral health However, Dr Olsen and his staff are warm, welcoming and very understanding. When they say “painless” they aren’t kidding! I had to have three teeth removed and I was so petrified that when it was over I broke down and cried out of relief, he spent more time making sure I was comfortable than it took to get the teeth out!! This office is amazing! I highly recommend Red Cliffs Dental and if all that doesn’t get you, I think he makes his staff take a comedy class they’re all so Fun! Thank you all so much for your patience with me I really appreciate each of you so much!”

Lacey C. Kanab, UT

“We were out of town and our daughter had an infected tooth and was in a lot of pain. Most dentist offices are not even open on a Friday but Dr. Olsen was. We chose them from a google search and were so happy we did. The front desk girls were amazing and so sweet on the phone. From the moment we walked in we felt welcomed. We checked in on a ipad very cool and were seen within a few min. Dr. Olsen was really nice and they offered IV sedation so my daughter had zero pain. One of the other patients while I was there was personally driven home by one of the front desk girls after her procedure. We were given play tickets to Peter Pan and roses when we left. Who does that? The best dental experience ever!”

Savannah E, Sandy, UT

“when we got there, we were greeted, we were offered water. The small things in life make a big difference. The staff were friendly and made us feel genuinely welcomed. the dental techs were very good at explaining what was going to be done and made me feel comfortable. Overall my visit was very nice and I can hardly wait for my next appointment. I really enjoyed my visit.”

Pedro T, Cedar City, UT

“How is it possible to find a better Dentist than Dr. Kelly Olsen? Tell ya what. Don’t waste your time because there IS NOT a better Dentist than Dr. Olsen. I had major surgery yesterday and could not have been treated better. I felt like a VIP from the time I arrived to the time I was wheel chaired out to my vehicle (I was put under for the surgery requiring a ride home). Dr. Olsen’s staff is THE BEST too. I’m grateful for their kindness, professionalism and care. THANK YOU ALL at Red Cliffs Dental.”

Robert R, St. George, UT

“Felt relaxed the first time I entered Dr. Olsen’s office; from the waiting room with homey furnishings and fish tank to the pleasant and professional staff. Every step of the procedure and its cost was explained in easy to understand detail. As a ‘first timer’, I was surprised at how quickly my visits were scheduled. My mouth was like new much sooner than expected. Can’t say that I’m looking forward to future visits, but if I needed, I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. Thanks to all at Red Cliffs Dental. This is what dental work is supposed to be like.”

Frank G, Hurricane, UT

“I have been wanting to write a thank you card to you and your amazing staff. I have never been so impressed with any dental or medical clinic as I was with yours! The friendliness, the fun, the competence, the thoroughness, the honesty, the procedures, the comfort, the painlessness, and just the whole experience was a joy. I commend you for your attention to the little and indirect details of your work. Excellence comes to mind when I think of what you do.”

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