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Custom Cosmetic Dentures

Don’t go for the traditional denture-looking look anymore! Traditionally, denture wearers have endured painfully unfitting teeth, which gave them an old, sunken-faced look. Today, with cutting-edge technology and Dr. Olsen’s eye for cosmetic dentistry, the traditional look of the denture wearer is gone. Each set of dentures is made to fit your face, and not only are they comfortable, but they also can make you look 10–20 years younger.

Newer cosmetic dentures are vastly superior to traditional dentures. New dentures allow for functional tooth replacements. Dr. Olsen works with each denture patient separately because each mouth is unique. He creates a form-fitting devise so that patients chew and speak with ease.

New dentures are stronger than older dentures. They are more secure and won’t shift in your mouth. This allow you to smile with ease and confidence, as well as speak clearly.

Newer dentures are also more attractive. The materials used for cosmetic dentures allow for realistic-looking teeth that conform to your mouth. They are often made of porcelain, which is a great tooth material because it is strong and looks more natural. The gum materials, as well, are natural looking and comfortable.

Whatever your denture needs are—whether full or partial—Dr. Olsen can make natural-looking teeth replacements to improve your mouth’s appearance and allow you to eat what you like again.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentures

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